I’m getting tired of being tired

I’ve been feeling stuck lately. I want to get well yet it’s becoming increasingly difficult to put in the continuous effort that my illness demands & instigate a routine. I want to move out & gain independence but I’m unable to do so until I’m well enough to take care of myself & my home. I… Continue reading I’m getting tired of being tired

My First New Years Resolutions!

First of all, I wish you a Merry Christmas (if you celebrate) & a happy & healthy New Year! In 2018, I like to think I’ve achieved quite a lot in terms of self improvement & managing my chronic illness which I’m really proud of!! I’ve gained weight and gone up a couple dress sizes… Continue reading My First New Years Resolutions!

My homemade Christmas gifts!

When I was much tinier than I am now, I wouldn’t miss out on a chance to create homemade gifts & cards for people. I loved using my hundreds of coloured pens and craft supplies to make something unique for someone! This year, since I got into watercolour painting around October (which I wrote a… Continue reading My homemade Christmas gifts!

I’ve deleted my social media apps!

Over the past couple of months I’ve really noticed just how much time I spend on social media. I pick up my phone so often and go straight to them that I don’t even realise I’m doing it, and it’s become such a bad habit. I suppose it’s kind of like FOMO. So, I woke… Continue reading I’ve deleted my social media apps!

Having a chronic illness vs. being chronically ill

I completely agree with this!

A truthful post about the hurtful advice of trying not to focus on your chronic illness too much or research it because you are “more than your illness”.

We need to focus on the fact that we have a chronic illness. We need to know when to give our bodies a rest & how to pace ourselves. We need to research it every now & then. It’s important to keep updated!

Having a chronic illness vs. being chronically ill


My Wants

I want to be healthy enough to apply for a job. I want to be able to walk up stairs without feeling out of breath. I want to feel like I can communicate socially. I want to be stricter with myself. I want to be stricter with my routine. I want to be calmer with… Continue reading My Wants

Getting out of the house & keeping up with hobbies

Over the summer, it has become an important & beneficial part of my weekly routine to go for a walk every so often and let myself be reminded how lucky I am to be surrounded by gorgeous places! During the last few months I’ve visited many parks, nature reserves and taken spontaneous walks with my… Continue reading Getting out of the house & keeping up with hobbies

How I clear my head & stop overthinking

When there’s something that is making me upset or anxious, whether it be a sudden change, a disagreement or if I’m having a bad physical or mental health day, I tend to let the problem consume me while I spiral into madness. An army of negative thoughts arise and I would believe them to be… Continue reading How I clear my head & stop overthinking