My First New Years Resolutions!

First of all, I wish you a Merry Christmas (if you celebrate) & a happy & healthy New Year! In 2018, I like to think I’ve achieved quite a lot in terms of self improvement & managing my chronic illness which I’m really proud of!! I’ve gained weight and gone up a couple dress sizes… Continue reading My First New Years Resolutions!

My homemade Christmas gifts!

When I was much tinier than I am now, I wouldn’t miss out on a chance to create homemade gifts & cards for people. I loved using my hundreds of coloured pens and craft supplies to make something unique for someone! This year, since I got into watercolour painting around October (which I wrote a… Continue reading My homemade Christmas gifts!

Getting out of the house & keeping up with hobbies

Over the summer, it has become an important & beneficial part of my weekly routine to go for a walk every so often and let myself be reminded how lucky I am to be surrounded by gorgeous places! During the last few months I’ve visited many parks, nature reserves and taken spontaneous walks with my… Continue reading Getting out of the house & keeping up with hobbies