My homemade Christmas gifts!

When I was much tinier than I am now, I wouldn’t miss out on a chance to create homemade gifts & cards for people. I loved using my hundreds of coloured pens and craft supplies to make something unique for someone!

This year, since I got into watercolour painting around October (which I wrote a blog post about) I thought it would be fun and different to do some paintings for my family (plus it’s less expensive than buying gifts!) I’m slowly getting better at painting plants & flowers plus I have been practising lettering (which is difficult as f*ck, by the way). So I’ve produced these three pieces for my mum, my dad, and my brother & his fiancé!

(Slightly annoyed that the three photos weren’t taken with the same background & frame but let’s move past it because they’re all wrapped now)

There were “flaws” in every one but I’m so happy with the outcome given I’m still very new to watercolour & knowing my family will love & appreciate them!

If you have the time & are able to (just don’t put too much pressure on yourself) consider making your own gifts next time a holiday or a birthday rolls along! Also, especially if you have a chronic illness, plan ahead!! It took me at least a month to finish all of these.

Happy Holidays, if you celebrate!

– T. xo


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