How I clear my head & stop overthinking

When there’s something that is making me upset or anxious, whether it be a sudden change, a disagreement or if I’m having a bad physical or mental health day, I tend to let the problem consume me while I spiral into madness. An army of negative thoughts arise and I would believe them to be the truth (spoiler alert: they never are). This is bad enough as it is let alone for someone who’s also dealing with chronic pain and exhaustion. Although, I am really very lucky that my condition isn’t as severe as others!

With persistence & dedication, sleep and kind reminders can be somewhat of a cure for this. Having a nap or sleeping on it and leaving it till the next day brings me back to earth and makes me realise that whatever the problem is, it’s not as disastrous as I thought it to be beforehand. I have a clearer head and can allow myself to think more logically.

Unfortunately, like most things, it’s a LOT easier said than done. Each person is different and struggling with their own shit. I struggle more than I’d like with following this lesson, because of course when your head hits your pillow the negative thoughts will most likely continue to roam. To help soothe them I practise reminding myself every so often to take deep breaths, calm down, stop overthinking and learn when I need to rest! These self care reminders are slowly becoming second nature and have made both getting to sleep and taking control of my thoughts that much easier.

A good sleep + being kinder to yourself make a big difference.

Take care out there!

– T.


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